Who the hell is JNacho?

I am a gamer by heart and started when I was 3 years old. My very first game I remember playing was Crash Bandicoot one with the level you have to walk over crates as a bridge and have to be very careful not to break them. This has evolved many years later to being a gamer that loves:

  • First person shooters (Apex legends / Halo,…)
  • 3rd person shooters (Gears 5 / Division 2…)
  • Platformers (Crash bandicoot / Mario,…)
  • RPG games (Skyrim, Fallout)
  • Roguelike (Wizard of legends / Slay the spire)
  • Strategy (X-COM / Halo Wars)
  • Or blatently funny games (Pummel Part / Ultimate chicken horse / Garrys Mod / …)

In this section I would like to thank my parents for giving me such a valuable field of games and they supported gaming in a time it might have seen weird. It has given me a life hobby which is beyond any value. I welcome you on my stream, and wish you a lot of fun. Let’s have a good chat, and you’ll notice we spread good vibes here.

JNacho looks at corner thoughtfully

Streaming Schedule

Tuesdays & Saturdays (gaming): 8pm – 11pm
Wednesdays (self-improvement): 8pm – 11pm 



What can you expect?

JNacho is a content creator that focusses on 3 main topics: Gaming videos like tutorials, Funny content in general and How you can become your best self (coaching videos)

Gaming content

Funny moments

coaching content

Special events

We often do special events throughout the year. On these events there are almost always giveaways to earn steam wallet codes and a special theme is present to make the stream extra fun.

JNacho Clown
JNacho Computer
JNacho Easter Bunny

What is my content creator goal?

In a video I recently created I talked about the goals for this channel.

Currently I work full time in the IT security sector as a Cyberark specialist. My life dream would be to become a content creator you associate 2 words with:

  • JOY

You are happy when you see one of my video’s or streams and you might learn something in the process.

To become a full time content creator I need to create more content and start getting a stable income from content creation itself. In the video above I explain that it takes an average of 18 days to finish a video and that is if nothing happens in my life.

If I would be able to work full time on content creation, I can finish a video every 6 days (which is more or less guaranteed).

So how can you support me?

Watch my videos & Stream

The most important one is to watch my videos and come to the livestreams. This is the best way to support the channel as your view makes me more discoverable for others.

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Come and say hi, leave a comment or feedback and leave a like / subscribe on my channel to help my channel grow.

Be part of the journey on becoming a content creator and learn how you can do this yourself.


You can support me with donations, however I think watching the channel and providing feedback to become an even better content creator is more important. 

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Money will eventually be needed to make a stable living out of my content creator job however you should not provide money to me if you are in a tight spot and are not able to afford it. Before providing money think this:

– Do I want to see more content like this? As the money you provide will be used to create more likewise content. Your money is fuel for more content that is currently being provided.

– Can I afford the money I am about to give? Content creation is like theaters / movies / … It is a creative sector that should give you a form of entertainment (whether it be informational, funny,..). I will never expect you to pay for this entertainment service but it will be highly appreciated. When possible I will even give extra benefits to the people who do support me.

– Is there anything you would need to improve your own life first? Make sure you have everything for yourself first. How much I even appreciate your donation, my appreciation will not: feed you, feed your kids, feed your pets, supply a roof above your head, make cleaning dishes easier, give you better internet, give you a stable job, transport you from A to B, give you working plumbing, give you a bed to sleep on, help you find a partner, do your taxes, pay your taxes, help you quit smoking, therapy, looking after your kids, …


There will be future sponsors to help me in the monetary value. You will be able to buy merch in the future, use my coaching services for a private coaching sessions, buy your office 365 or windows licenses with affiliate links.

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I want to give you value for your money and until I get there, watching me is the best way to support me. If you do want to continue to provide me with money, here are some ways how to do it:

– In a livestream of youtube that is currently being streamed, typ “!tip” in the chat. You will receive a link to give a tip and a message that will be played on stream (commercial ad text will be skipped)

How can you connect with the rest of the community?

You can connect with the rest of the community by Subscribing to the youtube channel and hitting the bell notification button.

Secondary you can also join our discord community by clicking the link below.

After joining the discord, make sure to hit any of the verify buttons (this is to prevent bots from spamming the server).

Welcome to Discord
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What Can I do to help you achieve your goal?

Honestly, watch my video’s, come and hang out in the stream, subscribe to the youtube channel with bell notification on, join the discord server and connect with other community members, tell your friends that they should watch me (but do not spam it!).

What I do not want you to do…

Knight on laptop

DO NOT spam my YouTube channel in other content creators their videos.

DO NOT spam my YouTube channel in other content creators their streams.

DO NOT argue who is or who isn’t the best streamer. Every content creator has it’s own flair and type of content. There is no right or wrong, there is just a lot of choice, and everyone likes different tastes 🙂